Contact Information

  • North Empire LLC
  • 873 Route 45, Ste 101

  • New City, NY 10956

  • United States

Property Showcase

Presenting Fairlane Office Center: A Beacon of Excellence in Workspace Solutions. Boasting an impressive 280,000+ square feet across six meticulously designed stories, Fairlane Office Center stands as a pinnacle of Class A office spaces. Nestled amidst a dynamic urban landscape, this architectural marvel hosts a thriving community of multiple tenants, each benefiting from its prime location and exceptional amenities.

With a commitment to fostering productivity and collaboration, Fairlane Office Center offers a wealth of conveniences tailored to modern professionals. From state-of-the-art conference facilities that facilitate innovation to inviting common areas that promote networking, every inch of this center is thoughtfully curated to elevate work experiences.

Step inside and discover an ecosystem that values both functionality and aesthetics. The sleek exterior is a prelude to the sophisticated interiors, where cutting-edge technology and ergonomic design converge. With panoramic views that inspire creativity and an abundance of natural light that invigorates the workspace, Fairlane Office Center redefines the essence of a contemporary work environment.

Whether you’re a startup seeking a launchpad or an established corporation pursuing expansion, Fairlane Office Center welcomes you to a realm where work is not just a task, but a journey of growth and achievement. Experience the epitome of office excellence – experience Fairlane.