Contact Information

  • North Empire LLC
  • 873 Route 45, Ste 101

  • New City, NY 10956

  • United States

  • Mark Martin

  • President

  • Mark Martin founded North Empire LLC, a real estate investment company, in 2010. Since founding the company, Mark has created relationships and earned respect in the real estate industry at a highly accelerated rate. His unique vision and understanding of the industry, from financial investing to real estate rehabilitation and development, creates an environment of success and growth on all levels. It is Mark’s priority that his company and team provide innovative opportunities with honesty, responsibility, and integrity.

    Currently, North Empire LLC owns and manages properties in New York, New Jersey, Michigan and Ohio.

  • Sarah Goldblatt

  • COO

  • Sarah Goldblatt has over 20 years of experience in real estate finance and acquisitions.  She is North Empire's cornerstone for reliable and efficient execution of all financial transactions, analysis, and correspondence. Since joining North Empire, Sarah has built a team of individuals working toward a common goal of positive growth for the company, its clients, and investors.  Her experience and passion ensure that the foundation of every relationship built by North Empire , is a solid one to build on moving forward.

  • Anita Hajioff

  • CFO

  • Anita Hajioff is the Chief Financial Officer, and is responsible for overseeing the financial aspects of North Empire, including tax, accounting, reporting, and treasury functions. She also acts as the liaison between Asset Management, Lenders, and Investor Relations in administrating reporting requirements and financial statements, and overseeing offering memoranda and the quarterly investor distribution process. Prior to joining North Empire, Anita served as Director of Corporate Accounting at a real estate investment firm focused primarily on private placement deals.  Before her career in real estate, Anita was a Senior Auditor at PricewaterhouseCoopers, where in addition to supervising audits, she advised clients on accounting and reporting software implementations. Anita is a certified public accountant and holds her Bachelor’s degree in Accounting from New York University.

  • Mayer Deutsch

  • Director of Business Development

  • Mayer Deutsch is the real deal.  He joined the North Empire team as Director of Business Development in 2013.  Previously, he was the director of an international non- profit organization where he spent several years implementing technological improvements across the organization’s infrastructure and managing the relationships of the various trust and foundation donors.  He moved on to become COO of a 3D animation studio where although he did not draw any cartoons, he managed all the day-to-day operations of a digital animation facility.  Since arriving at North Empire, he looks good in a hard hat, and has been responsible for oversight and analysis for North Empire’s development portfolio, compliance activities and for coordination of new development projects.