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  • North Empire LLC
  • 873 Route 45, Ste 101

  • New City, NY 10956

  • United States

Property Showcase

Introducing Van Born: Your Canvas for Boundless Development

Van Born presents a blank canvas of opportunity, a vacant building awaiting transformation into something extraordinary. This open expanse invites visionaries, creators, and innovators to shape its destiny.

Strategically located and brimming with potential, Van Born is a space where ideas take root and dreams come to life. From commercial ventures to urban residences, the possibilities are limitless. Its prime location offers accessibility and visibility, ensuring your vision reaches its audience.

Unleash your imagination, breathe life into empty spaces, and redefine possibilities with Van Born. This vacant building is more than just brick and mortar; it’s a testament to potential waiting to be harnessed. Join us in shaping the future at Van Born – where vacant becomes visionary.